HTC Surround Back Cover, Battery and SIM Card Tutorial

Loosening the Back Cover of the HTC Surround

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

For power users, having a removable back cover is a great way to keep a smartphone going during an extended trip thanks to the ability to swap batteries. It's something that's certainly true with the HTC Surround, which features a removable back unlike the more unibody design of the company's flagship HTC One M8 and M9. Although the ​M8 and M9 allow you to switch memory cards and SIM cards, they don't let you swap batteries, which means you have to rely on a portable charger or external power source to extend their juice. (On a related note, here are my tips on how to pick a portable charger that suits your needs.)

Taking out the back cover from the HTC Surround may look tricky at first. But the real trick is to not get confused by the sliding mechanism. First, you’ll need to pry one of the bottom corners off. Notice that the bottom right corner has a groove that you can pry from, for example.

Prying Off the HTC Surround's Back Cover

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

You don’t have to slide the phone out. But I’m doing it in this photo to make one key point. If you try prying the back cover off while the phone is closed, make sure that you do NOT try prying apart the two sliding parts or halves of the Surround (i.e. the bottom speaker part and the upper screen part). That would obviously break the phone, not to mention your heart. Instead you want to pry the back cover off from the bottom part only.

Taking Out the Back Cover

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Once the bottom part is loosened, you can just pull it outward.

Removing the HTC Surround Battery

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

With the back cover removed, you can pull out the battery as shown in the image above.

Removing the HTC Suround SIM Card

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

With the battery out of the way, you can slide out the SIM card.

Putting Back the HTC Surround SIM Card and Battery

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

To put the phone back together, just reverse the steps you’ve done so far. Start by putting the SIM card back first, then the battery.

Putting Back the HTC Surround Back Cover

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Align the back cover with bottom part of the phone again.

Snapping the HTC Surround Cover Back Into Place

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Click the cover back into place once everything is aligned.

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