Comparing Windows 7 Editions: Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate
Microsoft Corporation

Windows 7 Version:

Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate Pricing:

Full Version Price: $319.99

Upgrade Version Price: $299.99


What You Need to Run Windows 7 Ultimate:



    What You Get With Windows 7 Ultimate:


    Windows 7 Ultimate Edition includes everything from the Home Premium and Professional editions, plus BitLocker encryption technology. BitLocker adds an extra layer of security to your hard drives, which can be important in these days of portability and laptop thefts. Windows 7 Ultimate also includes support for more languages -- currently 35 languages, according to Microsoft.


    What Windows 7 Ultimate Does Not Have:


    Not much. Windows 7 Ultimate includes the whole kit and kaboodle. If you want some programs that used to be included, like instant messenger, Microsoft Mail, Movie Maker and others, you'll need to download and install Windows Live Essentials. This is true of the other Windows 7 editions as well.


    Why Choose Windows 7 Ultimate Edition:

    Windows 7 Ultimate Edition is the perfect choice for those who work in high-security environments. BitLocker is a crucial technology only available with Ultimate; that type of encrypting technology may be required by, for instance, certain governmental agencies.

    Ultimate is also the best, and in fact, only option for countries that have languages not supported by other editions of Windows 7. All that comes at a price, as Windows 7 is quite expensive; whether it's worth it to you will require weighing its advantages and drawbacks.