What is an ASHX File?

How to Open, Edit, & Convert ASHX Files

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A file with the ASHX file extension is an ASP.NET Web Handler file that often holds references to other web pages used in an ASP.NET Web server application. These references are sometimes so short that an ASHX file may just be a single line of code.

Most people only encounter ASHX files by accident when they try to download a file from a website, like a PDF file. This is because the ASHX file references that PDF file to send it to the browser for download but doesn't name it correctly, attaching .ASHX at the end instead of .PDF.

Note: An ASHX file is not the same as an ASH file, which might be a Nintendo Wii System Menu file, Audiosurf Audio Metadata file, or KoLmafia ASH Script file.

How To Open an ASHX File

ASHX files are files used with ASP.NET programming and can be opened with any program that codes in ASP.NET, like Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual Community. Since they're text files, you can also open one with Notepad++ or any other text editor.

ASHX files are not intended to be viewed or opened by a web browser. If you've downloaded an ASHX file and expected it to contain information (like a document or other saved data), it's likely that something is wrong with the website and instead of generating usable information, it provided this server-side file instead.

The best trick with an ASHX file is to simply rename it to the kind of file you expected it to be. It seems many are really supposed to be PDF files so, for example, if you download an ASHX file from your electric company, just rename it as statement.pdf and open it.

Apply the same logic for a music file, image file, etc.

When these issues occur, the website you're visiting that's running the ASHX file is having some kind of issue and this last step, where the ASHX file is supposed to be renamed to whatever.whatever isn't happening. So renaming the file is just you doing the last step yourself.

If this is happening a lot when you download PDF files specifically, there might be a problem with the PDF plug-in that your browser is using. You should be able to fix this by switching the browser to use the Adobe PDF plug-in instead.

Note: It's important to understand that you can not just rename any file to have a different extension and expect it to work properly. For example, you can't rename a .PDF file to a .DOCX file and assume it will open just fine in a word processor. A conversion tool is necessary for true file conversions.

How To Convert an ASHX File

You don't need to actually convert an ASHX file to any other format unless it's one of the file formats listed in the "Save As" dialog box in Microsoft Visual Studio or one of the other programs I mentioned above. The formats listed there are other text-based formats since that's what a true ASHX file is - a text file.

Since these types of files are just text files, you can not convert ASHX to JPG, MP3, or any other format like that. However, if you do think that the ASHX file should be an MP3 or some other file type, read what I said above about renaming the file.

More Help With ASHX Files

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