- Default IP Address for Home Network Routers

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Dougal Waters/Digital Vision/Getty Images is the local network default IP address for some home broadband routers including many Belkin and SMC models. This IP address is set on certain brands and models when first sold, but any router or computer on a local network can be configured to use it.

Using to Connect to a Router

If a router is using, you can log into the router's console from the local network by pointing a Web browser to

Once connected, a home router will prompt the user to enter an administrator username and password to complete the login process. If the browser responds with an error like "This webpage is not available," the router is either offline (disconnected from the network) or unable to respond due to a technical glitch.

Some home Internet providers that supply routers and other networking equipment to households offer a feature that allows administrators to type a friendly name in the Web browser instead of the IP address. For example, some Bell Canada customers can type "http://bell.ca/homehub" to reach

Restrictions on Using this Address behaves the same functionally as and many other private IP addresses.It is a private IPv4 network address, meaning that it cannot be used to connect to a router from outside the home network.(The router's public IP address must be used instead.)

To avoid IP address conflicts, only one device at a time on the local network can use Home networks with two routers running simultaneously, for example, must be set up with different addresses.

Home administrators can also mistakenly think a router should be using when it was actually configured to use a different address instead.

To confirm which address a local router is using, an administrator can look up the default gateway set on any devices currently connected to it.On a Windows PC, for example, the ipconfig command reveals the current gateway address.

Changing This Address

Administrators should configure their routers with whatever address information they prefer that is easy to remember. Even though is a common default address, changing it does not significantly improve the home network's security.

The router's administrator console provides options for changing the default local address plus other IP settings.

Routers using non-default IP address settings can be restored to use their original defaults through the hard reset process. For more information, see The 30-30-30 Hard Reset Rule for Routers and Best Ways to Reset a Home Network Router.